Ford 408-W Stroker

Please review the following quote and specifications to your custom-built 408:

    • 351W ci block bored, honed, decked and align honed
    • Performance camshaft:
      • 222/234 @ .050
      • 480 lift
      • 108 lobe center
    • New performance cam bearings
    • Match weight balanced rotating assembly with balancer
      • New 4.200 stroke crankshaft
      • New 6.200 rods with hardened rod bolts 1.55 rod ratio
      • New performance bearings
    • Forged pistons with Molly® rings
      • 11 to 1 compression ratio
    • New performance timing set
    • New brass freeze plugs
    • New performance high volume oil pump
    • Cylinder heads for fuel injection
      • 2.02/1.60 steel valves
      • matching valve springs
      • new ARP head bolts
      • 3 angle seats
      • bronze guides
      • positive seals
    • New push rods and rocker arms
    • New performance gasket set
    • Painted Ford blue, black or grey
    • Stage 2 Porting


Price $ 6,995.00


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