Our Engine Quality

Our process guarantees unsurpassed quality in a remanufactured engine:

  1. Cores are inspected and completely dissembled.
  2. Major components, such as engine blocks, cylinder heads, crankshafts, connecting rods and camshaft are retained for remanufacturing - most other internal components are scraped. Quality Engines
  3. The engine block, cylinder head and crankshaft are cleaned in an environmentally friendly Thermo Cleaning System.
  4. All blocks and heads undergo a thorough crack inspection process.
  5. The block cylinders are bored to the first available oversize, with sleeves installed as needed.
  6. Most block deck surfaces' are milled to provide for both straightness and a proper surface for gasket retention.
  7. Engines are then diamond honed using a computerized hone.
  8. The blocks then go through a 3 step cleaning process.
  9. All new cam bearings, oil galley plugs, freeze plugs and cam plugs are installed.
  10. Reground or new camshafts are installed.
  11. A remanufactured crankshaft is installed with new bearings; rear seal and main caps are torqued to original equipment manufacturer's specifications.
  12. The remanufactured connecting rod is installed with the new pistons, rings and bearings, again torqued to original equipment manufacturer's specifications.
  13. All long blocks have the heads torqued to original equipment manufacturer's specifications. After assemble, the engine is tested on a Sims Spin Tester to verify oil flow and compression.

To help ensure the quality of your freshly rebuilt engine, please view our engine installation tips.