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 Lit  CID Remarks Year VIN LB Core
4 Cylinders
   1.3 81 Samuri Sidekick SOHC G13A 1986-1989
   1.3 79 Samuri GLX G13BA 1989-1997
   1.3 79 Swift GLX SOHC G13BA 1989-1997
   1.3 79 Swift GTI DOHC G13K 1989-1994
   1.3 Swift G13BB SOHC 1998-2001
   1.6 97 Sidekick G16KC 6 Valve 1989-1995
   1.6 97 Sidekick SOHC G16KV 16 Valve 1992-1998
   1.6 97 Esteem SOHC 16 Valve G16B 1995-2000
   1.6 97 X90 SOHC 16 Valve 1996-1997
   1.6 Vitara G16B 199-2001
   1.8 112 Esteem, Sidekick DOHC 18 1996-2003
   2.0 Forenza Reno DOHC J20A 2000-2003
   2.0 Forenza Reno SX4 2004-2007
   2.3 Aerio DOHC 2004-2007
6 Cylinders
   2.5 Verona Vitara Grand Vitara 1999-2005
   2.7 XL7, Grand Vitara 2001-2007
   3.6 XL7 2007

* Core call items are not returnable


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